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Private Investigator Yuma Arizona, Criminal, Background, Surveillance, Property Searches, Asset Search.

BROOKS INVESTIGATIONS LLC: 36 Years of Experience, No Charge for Initial Consultation. Call Matt, 928-581-6296. Consultations are confidential.

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In March of 2007 I made the decision to start my private investigative agency, Brooks Consulting and Investigations. After retiring from a twenty-six year police career in January of 2006 I took some time away from that line of work. I managed a large automotive repair business and tow service. While it was a great opportunity to learn how to run a business I was routinely contacted by people about investigative matters like locating people and property owners. I did some of these when time permitted to help friends and those investigations were the catalyst for this business.

During my twenty-one years as Chief of Police for Wellton I did all sorts of investigations, from shoplifting to homicide. I reviewed the investigations of my officers and worked with other agencies in their investigations. In 1985 with the assistance of two other local agencies I was involved in the first, “reverse undercover” drug sales case in Yuma County. That case led to five arrests and the closing of a dangerous bar in Wellton. In 1989 I assisted with one of the largest immigration fraud investigations in the United States. My information provided literally a room full of documents, several key witnesses and ultimately the conviction of all the defendants in the case. While these cases may appear old, there were a result of the foundation of what I believe in for an investigator, talk to everyone, do it right the first time, and be thorough.  I maintain that focus today.  I a proud to say that during my career I lost only one felony jury trial, I never had a confession or any type of search suppressed by the courts. I believe that was because I understand the legal concepts of the issue at hand and follow the law.  Now I am in position to do some that I never could as Chief and that is focus on investigations only, no meetings or other distractions.

My police career also opened the door for me to do a great deal of training. I was certified by the State of Arizona as instructor. I hold a variety of instructor ratings in firearms, defense tactics, interview and interrogation, supervisory issues and training.  I served on the subject matter expert committee for Arizona peace officers and helped re-write the general instructor program for the state. I was responsible for the training liability portions of that program. I served as an instructor at Arizona Western College Law Enforcement Training Academy for twelve years. I have the ability to differentiate between a supervisory issue, a training issue and a personnel issue.


In 2003 at the request of a major copper company in Arizona I met with their director of security and prepared over forty hours of training for the security department.  This training covered, laws of arrest, criminal law, civil liability, inter-personal communications, interviewing, crime scene preservation and investigation and drug-awareness.  This training was designed specifically for the local needs of the company.


I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Arizona in Law Enforcement Administration and a wide variety of specialized training.  I served as the Emergency Services Director for the Town of Wellton during my tenure as Chief of Police. 


I am coming up on ten years of private investigative work.  My work has consisted of some simple task such as taking statements.  I have also worked on homicide cases that were declared "complex cases" by the Court. I have provided information on self defense in several cases. 


I am currently serving as the President for the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators.  We are working on increasing training and improving requirement for the private investigation industry.


Matt Brooks




Sgt. at Arms from December 2011 to 2013
Vice President from December 2013 to present
Subject Matter Expert committee for Accreditation Process for Arizona Investigators