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Private Investigator Yuma Arizona, Criminal, Background, Surveillance, Property Searches, Asset Search.

BROOKS INVESTIGATIONS LLC: 36 Years of Experience, No Charge for Initial Consultation. Call Matt, 928-581-6296. Consultations are confidential.

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 I can order a background investigation on the internet on a person, why should I hire you?  Some internet services can provide you with a background report but to the untrained person there are many issues that are missed, missing information, repeat information and just plain bad information.  With over 32 years of background investigation experience, we are here to provide you with the professional expertise to make the right decision and we know where to look.  The internet price mark up is about 200% to 500% on what the wholesale provider charges the service you pay for.  With the right background information, we can eliminate some costs on background investigations.  Much of the experience we have was obtained prior to the common use of the internet, there is a lot of information that is not readily accessible, we know where it is.   We have the experience of the 32 years worth of contacts to assist us. 
Do you work on domestic cases?  Yes, but only for legal support of your cases.  We do not conduct fidelity investigations.  We have provided support in gather statements, reports, interviews, and other information for use by an attorney.  Any work we do on a domestic case would be through your attorney with the goal of assisting you in court with your case. 


When can you become involved in assisting after someone is arrested?  As soon as possible and the sooner the better.  It is important to locate witnesses, evidence, statements as soon as you can in a matter like this.  Law Enforcement will be doing this and with an unlimited budget.  The sooner we become involved the better the flow of the information.  Many times there are issues that are not investigated until it is too late, such as searches and statements from witnesses.  I have seen many cases in which we could have really made a difference if we had been involved earlier in the case.  The State will investigate with the resources of the government. The police and prosecutor regularly coordinate their efforts.  Being proactive is one way to counter their unlimited resources.  The saying is "They will spend millions to investigate and prosecute and give a court appointed investigator 20 hours to defend against that."  My advice, do not wait, someone's freedom, future and reputation is at stake.



Can you check on the background on a business or company?  Yes, the question is how far do you want to go.  This type of investigation ranges to a few basic checks all the way through establishing information about employees.


Can you provide investigative services throughout Arizona?  Yes we can.  More importantly if we can't provide the service, we will help find a reputable investigator to assist you. 


This may seem unusual but can you....?  Don't be afraid to ask, asking about our services will not cost you anything and we can discuss your needs and options.  Not asking could be very expensive later.  Let's us help.  We don't provide legal advice, lawyers do that, and we will let you know if you need to contact one.


Why do you ask for the reason I want to locate someone, isn't that my business?  We ask for a variety of reasons, first and foremost is your safety.  Bad people hide for the obvious reasons and some don't want to be found.   We will gladly locate people for any legitimate reason, including classmates.  There are some locates we will not do, i.e. celebrities and public officials.


I think my spouse in having an affair, can you find out?   These investigation though are very labor intensive.  The level of proof the most people want is so cost prohibitive we will no longer take on fidelity cases at any level.  Additionally new laws on video recording and the use of GPS are still open to interpretation.  Forget what you see on television, on shows like "Cheaters", those are staged to a certain extent.  Every cast member you see on the screen, drivers, cameraman, interveiwers, "investigators" are all required by be licensed in Arizona as a Private Investigator.  Cost per hour would be in excess of $500 an hour for a minimum staff of four people, not counting expenses.  The reason you see some of the most embarassing video is that people are paid and sign waivers. In our experience these cases take a minimum of 40 hours to estabish a pattern of activity.  


What happens if I pay for surveillance and nothing happens?  Surveillance work is observing and documenting the activities of others.  If they don't engage in the suspected behavior it may mean that they are not involved, or not engaged in it during that time.  Surveillance can be hit and miss, that is the reason for the consultation and background information.  We will gladly explain any potential problem we see during the consultation.  You will know what you are paying for.


I know this is illegal but can you...?  No, we won't.  Illegal means what is says, "illegal".  See our "Common Misconceptions" page.