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February 1, 2012




Acting on a complaint filed by the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators the Arizona Department of Public Safety Licensing Unit has charged Tony Ford with violating the mandatory license requirement for private investigator in the State of Arizona.  Ford was retained by the Town of Quartzite to investigate voting irregularities in 2012.  Based upon information AALPI received from a concerned citizen a preliminary investigation was conducted.  Records were searched and video from town council meetings were reviewed.   Ford’s work is referred to as an “investigation” in those videos.  AALPI’s preliminary investigation prompted the request for DPS to investigate Ford as an unlicensed investigator.  This information was forwarded to DPS for further investigation.  It was the DPS investigation that led to the charge filed against Ford.


The Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators, or AALPI, is an organization made up of concerned investigators who understand the skills and knowledge a person needs to perform quality investigations.  Any person who is not licensed can contaminate cases and ultimately put the public at risk.  Due to a tip from a concerned citizen, an AALPI member made a formal complaint against Ford, prompting DPS to investigate and ultimately charge Ford.


Arizona Law requires that any person conducting investigations be licensed through the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  The Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators encourages anyone with information or a complaint regarding unlicensed activity to contact AALPI at and using the unlicensed activity reporting link.  AALPI is proud to work with the Arizona Department of Public Safety in reporting unlicensed activity and appreciates the diligent investigations done by the Licensing Unit.




Any questions, please feel free to call me, 928-581-6296

Matt Brooks

Sgt. At Arms, AALPI

Unlicensed Activity Chairman