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This page shows a sampling of some of the recent cases we have successfully handled for our clients.  These summaries are offered in general terms to maintain client confidentiality.


   Assisted in defense of off-duty police officer accused of drag racing.  Located witnesses and determined that no one there saw the officer accuse engage of any type of racing. Also determined that none of the activity that the charging officer stated ever occurred. This wasbad police work and no follow up investigation was done by the agency or prosecution to substaniate the charge. Charges were dismissed after a hearing.


  Conducted a review and investigation into another private investigator's "background" investigation on a client in child custody issue.  I was able to show that the allegations made in this report were false and explain the blatant misuse of information from a database.  The other report was presented initially to the court as factual without any independent verification and investigation. At the hearing we were able to explain and "de-bunk" the false and unprofessional report.  The rebuttal to this "report" was ten times longer than the bad report. Our report addressed each issue in depth and proved them false. After the hearing, the issues were resolved in my client's favor.


 Gathered information, conducted surveillance, and drafted petitions for injunctions in an property dispute that permitted client to gain necessary injunctions to stop harassment and use property as he had for the previous four years.


  Located and collected information on business and owner regarding for major supplier to verify business was operational and viable.

   Collected vehicle information, photographs, and tire information for the legal investigation in a fatal accident on Interstate 8 at the request of the victim's family and attorney.
   Located a spouse and an address for legal service in a child custody matter. The spouse in this case had not been heard from in five years. 
   Located a property owner through legal and probate records for a potential purchaser.
   Located court records and defendant in an on going civil matter.  Locating defendant was done under a time constraint critical to the case.
   Performed a background investigation for a potential employer leading to documentation of undisclosed arrests and two previously undisclosed employers with additional substantiated negative information.
  Provided surveillance for a Workman's Compensation Claim, documenting activites of claimant.
  Located assets and property for a Law Firm for legal proceedings for a writ of execution after judgement.
Located key witnesses in criminal case resulting in dismissal of charges against client.  This was the result of the family making a decision to retain an investigator immediately.
Conducted surveillance on a presentation for copyright infringement litigation. 

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We use standard IRS mileage rates when applicable.  Additional investigation specfic expenses will be discussed and explained, if necessary and agreed upon by the client.