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Private Investigator Yuma Arizona, Criminal, Background, Surveillance, Property Searches, Asset Search.

BROOKS INVESTIGATIONS LLC: 36 Years of Experience, No Charge for Initial Consultation. Call Matt, 928-581-6296. Consultations are confidential.

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For Claims and Insurance Companies
(with apologies to the professional companies out there)


We have been "burned" on a regular basis by Claims and Insurance companies on issue that have affected the quality of work, largely bad information or no real viable information on person to be watched.  Issues can be negoiated and agreed upon but that will be only done with a written quote.  We want to deliver results, not due diligence video, this requires flexibility in decision making on our end. Surveillance is not a "9 to 5" job.  Expect a lot of due diligence video, if you want our efforts to fit office hours.  Please we are professionals, do not expect us to give our time, expenses, or mileage away if you would not.


NOTE TO THE ATTORNEYS LOOKING FOR SURVEILLANCE:  Our experience in dealing with attorneys has been excellent.  Without the middlemen of the "claims service" industry, these issues do not come up.  We will be glad to work with you directly.




 Fraud costs all of us money, wasting time and effort does nothing to combat the problem.  I my opinion disability fraud is rampant in this area, it costs all of us money.  We want the cases to result in quality work, productive video and a positive outcome for the Client, not billable hours for an unnecessary middleman.


Call for information regarding our surveillance services.
Call 928-581-6296 or use the "contact us" form for additional information regarding these services.