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Background Checks can be crucial.
If you watch, read or listen to the news there is almost always a case involving violence, theft or fraud that makes one ask, "Did anyone check on that guy before they gave him the job?"  Unfortunately, the answer is no many times.  Sure, they might have checked through an internet database service and call the listed references, but that isn't a background investigation.  The consequences of not doing a thorough background can be devasting.  The recent shooting at the University of Alabama makes one wonder how thorough was their background investigation.  The media sure found the glaring issues within a few days.  Obviously this information wasn't hidden.
For a business not knowing who you are doing business with can be a hidden danger.  Recent case work to recover property led me to check on the suspect business.  I was given an application with the company information.  It might have been correct, but it wasn't accurate or honest.  After checking on the information on the applications I learned the telephone numbers listed were all bad, except the cell phone listed as primary, the business had never been incorporated, the address was the residence of a relative, and the business address given was not owned by the suspect business as they listed.  As a result, well over a half million dollars worth of equipment went to the east coast and hasn't been recovered or paid for yet.
Small claims actions can run up to $10,000.  Not many small business can afford the monetary loss or the loss in time and manpower to pursue the issue in small claims court.  Even when one is successful, there is the issue of collecting the judgement.  A close friend told me about a potential deal he was involved in.  He told me it sounded to good to be true.  I asked if he had check on the company he was about to get involved with.  He told me no, but they had mutual friend.  I conducted a quick search of records and changed his mind.  It was too good to be true.  I found multiple small claim judgements and a variety of legal problems the other company still had pending.  I was able to save my friend from this "deal".
We provide background investigative services.  A simple, yet complete and thorough personal background takes at least 40 hours.  But the consequences of not doing background investigation, on either a person or company, are obvious.  Knowledge is power.  We provide the information you need to make an informed decision.